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  Cover Your Car - Tailored and Fitted Car Covers Worldwide :: Cover Types

- Is our bespoke outdoor cover made to your specification and choice of 4 colours with the option for a Parking Permit or Numberplate Windows. Comes as standard with 4 x underbody straps and is made from a unique waterproof and breathable material. We can cater for unusual or rare cars also or mirror(s) on wings,etc. Individually handmade for most makes of cars. Storage bag included.

GUANTO - Designed for Indoor or Temporary short term overnight use is a huge step forwards in terms of car cover fabric offering the same form fit, curve hugging shape as an indoor cover but outdoors. The fabric is stretch and both breathable yet waterproof thanks to its hi-tech inner membrane with millions of micropores, small enough for vapour to pass through yet too small for a water droplet. Fits like a second skin on the car and we can also print onto this fabric. Custom made to order and includes storage bag. Available in Black or Grey.

MONSOON - These Waterproof Car Covers are best for long term outdoor WINTER storage during the colder months of the year and where buying a totally waterproof car cover is important & paint & chrome need maximum protection. The Monsoon is ideally suited for use in temperatures below 70f / 21c. If you require an all year round cover, we suggest that Stormforce Upgrade will be a better option.

VOYAGER and VOYAGER PLUS - These off the shelf car covers can be used both indoors and outdoors. Their breathability, water resistance and UV protection make them a favourite choice for daily driven cars & medium term storage, where a totally waterproof car cover is not required. Now also available in VOYAGER PLUS Format.

SAHARA - These stock Indoor car covers are designed for 'in garage' use, both short & long term. Non stretch but breathable fabric and great value. Now in Black as standard.

STORMFORCE - A Unique 4 layered cover, which gives a sturdy padded feel. These covers protect against hot sunshine, rain, hail, snow, frost, tree sap, birds, pets, dirst, dust, scuffs and scratches and are 100% UV resistant and 100% Waterproof, yet totally Breathable. Available with an integrated car cover alarm

STORMFORCE PLUS - Our Exclusive Upgrade which improves both the fit and securing method of the standard Stormforce pattern. Available with the usual locking kit and alarm options.

SOFTECH - A bespoke indoor cover made to your specification and choice of colours and piping. Made from a stretchy luxurious thick cotton/mixed fibres with soft cotton fleecy inner. Individually handmade for all makes of cars complete with pipe seams. Storage bag included. Choice of 11 colours & Styling choice two tone or single block colour. Fits like a second skin. A SOFTECH LIGHT Version is also being rolled out, as currently supplied to Audi Officially.

CIELO - Is our latest bespoke outdoor cover made to your specification in 2 tone black and grey. A lighter, everyday cover, contour hugging with 4 x under body straps. Usually 4 weeks to produce with a 2 week Fast Track option, but we often stock these for popular cars so possibly available next day. Individually handmade, Storage bag included.

REVEAL - Launching a new vehicle or brand? We are able to provide a totally bespoke reveal cover to hide the launch car but made for quick easy reveal. High quality Silky materials are available in various colours including Silver, Black or White. We can also print visuals and logos onto a reveal cover in order to integrate with a new launch campaign.

Delivery is normally 2 working days via Courier (uk) and varies for international orders for Sahara, Voyager, Monsoon and Stormforce covers. Guanto, Softech, Advan-tex, Cielo and Reveal covers take 14 to 28 days to produce as they are custom made to order.

Why Choose Coveryourcar?

- A well established,( 14 Years ) UK, fully registered Ltd company.
- The first company EVER to sell Stormforce Covers in the UK, approx 14 years ago.
- Staff qualified to level NVQ Lv3 Customer Care ( The Highest Available For Frontline Staff ).
- Exclusive PLUS versions of Stormforce and Voyager Covers.
- The best prices on the net for tailored and fitted covers.
- The only car cover company on the planet offering an integrated car cover alarm.
- Simple easy to use high ranking carbon free website.
- Thousands of patterns to choose from, ready to go or custom made.
- 2 year warranty on Stormforce or Advan-Tex 4 Layer Covers
- Priority Delivery via FEDEX Express as Standard
- Peace of Mind - we are fully Norton Antivirus Protected and PCI DSS Compliant for your Peace of Mind.
- More ways to pay via Credit or Debit Card, Cheque, Call Back, Paypal, or Bank Transfer
- International Delivery to over 60 countries Worldwide.
- Unrivaled Customer Support 7 days a week, 365 days a year until 7pm most evenings.
- Coveryourcar Car Cover Blog
- Coveryourcar Youtube Channel
- Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
- Our very own own 15 strong Cycle Racing Team
- On line Chat Support until 7pm 365 days a year
- Exclusive PLUS and PLUS Extra Deep Upgrades available

Car Cover Tips, Fitting and Care Guide

We want you to enjoy maximum life and protection for your new cover. Here are a few common sense tips to ensure that your car receives ultimate protection:

Dirt, grit & water are your cars enemies. Always ensure that you cover a clean, cool car. Dirt and grit particles on paintwork act as abrasives & will produce unsightly scratches in the paintwork. If you are covering a wet car (Voyager or Stormforce), always ensure that it is clean!

Ensure that engine heat has cooled from the bodywork and that you avoid contact with hot exhausts. Our underbody straps are detachable allowing you to position them on the drive prior to parking. This will make fitment much easier! Special care should be taken when tensioning the straps to ensure that they do not come into contact with hot components. Do not pull too tight. The cover should still be able to move freely to allow air circulation under the cover.

The underbody strap connectors are supplied with special silicone sleeves that will prevent scratching of paintwork.

Aerials/radio antennas should be retracted or removed prior to fitment of your car cover.

All our covers have been designed to assist airflow around your car by use of breathable fabrics or design. However, if the car is kept in an environment where condensation might occur or it is subjected to a prolonged period of damp, snow or wet weather, check the condition of your car and cover on a weekly basis. Pull back the cover, inspect the paintwork and the inside of the cover and ensure that the car and fabric are completely dry. If any damp is present, the car and cover need to be aired and dried.

Do not fit any cover to a car that has been painted in the last 3-6 months, unless it has been baked. Ask your repair shop for advice. New cars and cars that have been baked will be fine.

Keep away from naked flames and sources of ignition. Store in the storage bag when not in use.

Your new cover will reach you in perfect condition. However, with the passing of time it may become dirty. Care should be taken when washing and the following guidelines should be observed:

Hand wash in cold or hand warm water using a mild washing liquid. Take care to rinse thoroughly several times. Do not use detergents that include bleach or fabric softeners. Line dry until completely dry. Do not iron!

Covers may be washed in domestic washing machines, subject to size. Select a gentle cycle with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees centigrade and use a mild washing liquid as above. Ensure several rinses and a gentle spin speed. Line dry until completely dry.

Never wash in hot water.
Do not dry clean.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that your car cover will last for many years and provide the maximum protection.

How do I Fit The Security Locking Kit? : The cable fits underneith the car through the centre eyelets that are stitched onto the bottom hemline of the car cover at each side. Thread the chrome plated end through the eyelet from the outside surface of the car cover and pass it through the looped end of the cable. Pull the cable through and pass it under the car and through the inside of the eyelet on the other side of the car. Fit the non scratch silicone sleeve /jacket over the body of the padlock and then snap the lock closed through the chrome plated cable end of the cable.

    Cover Types

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