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    Car Cover Security Locking Kit #16377
Car Cover Security Locking Kit  Car Cover Locking Kit from

Loop this lockable cable through your car covers gromets for ideal security. This security cable and padlock ( in silicone jacket) have been designed to be a non scratch deterrent to help prevent the theft of your car cover.

How To Fit : The cable fits underneith the car through the centre eyelets that are stitched onto the bottom hemline of the car cover at each side. Thread the chrome plated end through the eyelet from the outside surface of the car cover and pass it through the looped end of the cable. Pull the cable through and pass it under the car and through the inside of the eyelet on the other side of the car. Fit the non scratch silicone sleeve /jacket over the body of the padlock and then snap the lock closed through the chrome plated cable end of the cable.

The Lock and Cable deters vandals and thieves pass through.

Available for the VOYAGER and MONSOON and STORMFORCE and PLUS Range.

Sent Post Free Worldwide when ordered with a cover.
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Price: £14.95
including VAT 20%



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Security Locking Kit

Padlock with Silicone Jacket



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